Our values are reflected in the way we interact with our partners, our customers and within our organization. - H.J Hoffmann , founder of Trendsetters Fashions. 



We are constantly developing the potential of our human resources with training and team building activities. We strive to fulfill customers’ and markets’ dynamic needs,  by continually: developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers, improving our efficiency in our working processes and at the same time continuing to minimize our impact on the planet. 


With the high volume of projects each with unique needs and deadlines, it’s important that we respect our customers’ time as well as suppliers’. Time management is key, and is something we have managed well, and will continue to improve with the changing market environment.


We infuse our interactions with respect, kindness, compassion, and understanding. We respect and value our partners and customers and are humble in our approach.


We harness the power of our creativity and manufacturing knowledge to solve problems, big and small, delivering incredible products while constantly pushing the boundaries of apparel manufacturing.


Trendsetters is firmly committed to manufacturing in a manner that is fair and sustainable to all stakeholders. We are committed to conducting our business in a socially responsible and sustainable way. We believe that working together and creating a good working environment is as important as creating top-grade products, and work satisfaction is shown through the high quality and performance. 

 Trendsetters exceed any minimum protections or benefits that are provided for Vietnamese workers under local law. We have implemented BSCI as the cornerstone of our social and management practice and to ensure recorded accountability.

 We aim to continually review and reduce the environmental impact of our business and to encourage our customers, staff and suppliers to do the same. Our target is to reduce our environmental footprint by reducing carbon emissions, consumption of resources, production of waste and to use energy efficiently in production.